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Account Manager

We have dedicated account managers who offer exclusive support to our clients. This personal approach we have adopted is not found anywhere else in the market.

Our support team are made from traders, ex-brokers and market analysts, who all have a high knowledge level of the cryptocurrency market.

Step-by-Step to Buying Bitcoin through BVC

Once you have been assigned a personal account manager, you can begin deciding the best method to invest in cryptocurrency.

  1. Create a wallet – As highlighted above, you must have a wallet to own a cryptocurrency. If you already have one, perfect. If you do not, see the ‘Open Wallet’ page or our advisors can take you through the process of setting one up. They will explain exactly how they work and the best ways to keep your cryptocurrency safe. Our advisors cannot create a wallet on your behalf.
  2. Decide cryptocurrency portfolio – Once your wallet has been created, you must decide what cryptocurrencies you are going to invest in. There are various strategies to investing in cryptocurrencies.
    1. Diversification is often seen as one of the best strategies when it comes to cryptocurrencies, this is because you spread your risk. Should one cryptocurrency run into trouble then the rest of your portfolio can cover any losses until the coin rights itself.

Again, our support team are here to help you decide the best crypto portfolio for you.

  1. Verification – Before we can go any further, for security reasons we require your identification and proof of address. This is simply emailed to your account manager.
  2. Invoice Confirmation – Once you are verified and have decided what cryptocurrency you want to buy, you will receive an invoice from us. This will outline exactly what you have decided to buy and at what price.
  3. Price – We advise payment on deliver of the invoice. Due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, we cannot guarantee a price if payment is received too long after receiving the invoice.
  4. Payment – Payment details are found on the invoice. It is essential that you use the reference number provided when making a payment.
  5. Cryptocurrency transaction – Once payment is received, we will transfer your cryptocurrencies to the wallet address you provide.
  6. Cryptocurrency transfer confirmations – Your account manager will confirm once the transaction is complete. Each transaction carries its own unique ID and can therefore be tracked.

Despite the procedure being very simple, we make sure to be very thorough when helping our clients through the process. Parting with large sums of money never sits easy but we are here to make the process secure and reliable. Delivery of your cryptocurrency is guaranteed once payment is received.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card & Debit Card

BVC now offers you the chance to buy your cryptocurrency with your card, be it credit or debit card. This makes the process considerably quicker. There are no fees included when you use a credit or debit card either which makes this payment method very desirable.

To pay with card, you can simple call your account manager and pay over the phone. They will require the card number, expiry date and CSV number. Once the funds are confirmed in our bank, the cryptocurrency can be sent immediately to your wallet address.

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer

We also allow you to send your funds via bank transfer. To do this you must contact your bank to make the transfer. Lots of banks now allow you to do this through online banking, making the process quicker.

To send via bank transfer you will be required to enter our account number, sort code and individual reference. The reference is hugely important and must be double checked before you send.