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Due to the huge growth of the cryptocurrency world last year, we are finding more and more new coins becoming available to invest in. These smaller, less well known, coins are proving very exciting for investors because of the short quick returns they can offer.

Here at BVC, we have always been reluctant to offer smaller coins for security reasons. Ponzi schemes are a real threat but with such good returns on offer, we have decided to take a step towards coins outside of the top 20.

We will only buy cryptocurrencies that are offered on exchanges we use. Therefore not investing right away in ICOs, until they have proven to be a stable project and underlying company.

As you can see as an example below, coins such as Casino Coin can offer an excellent return in a short space of time. We heavily advise you do your research on these smaller coins but if you get it right the upside potential is huge.

Casino Coin

Casino coin 90 days growth

Casino Coin Last 90 days | Source:

One of the most popular websites to show you individual coins price and market cap is

If you find a coin you would like to buy, please get in touch and one of our account managers will help you get involved in that market.

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