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February 14, 2018 | By Tom Hart

Crypto-mining slows search for aliens

Crypto mining is making life difficult for scientists who aren’t able to get hold of the latest GPUs (graphics cards) they need for listening out for extra-terrestrial life, the BBC reports. SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) scientists who use high-tech equipment to listen out for alien life aren’t able to obtain the computer chips they…

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February 14, 2018 | By BVC

Upcoming ICO: Dragon Coin Review

Dragon Coin has become one of those projects that seems to be everywhere right now. And for once, it seems the people behind it (and it’s huge fanbase) is right. This ICO looks to be one of the biggest in cryptocurrency history, and for the right reasons. Perhaps the biggest selling point the ICO has…

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February 13, 2018 | By Tom Hart

Crypto market cap to top $1 trillion this year, says Kraken CEO

The total market cap of the crypto market will top a trillion this year, according to Jesse Powell, CEO of major exchange site Kraken. He also said people should avoid trusting others and do their own research when investing in cryptocurrencies. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai and to CNBC, Powell said he…

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February 12, 2018 | By Tom Hart

Bitcoin ‘obsolete because of Ethereum’, says failing Bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin will soon become ‘obsolete because of Ethereum’, Coinprism claims. The Dublin-based Bitcoin exchange platform plans to shutdown due to a lack of demand for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, its creators have announced. The exchange, which was founded in 2014, is a cryptocurrency wallet service and will officially cease operations on March 31. Users…

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February 12, 2018 | By Tom Hart

Gibraltar announces plans for world’s first ICO regulations

Gibraltar plans to introduce regulations on ICOs (initial coin offerings) which will be the first of their kind, worldwide. The Gibraltarian government will reveal the ICO ‘draft law’ in a few weeks, it said. Gibraltar first to target ICOs directly Lawmakers claim these will be the first-ever regulations to directly target the promotion, sale, and…

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February 10, 2018 | By Tom Hart

IRS targets cryptocurrency tax dodgers

The IRS has announced a team of 10 investigators has been set up to crackdown on international crime investigations. It will also search for tax evaders who use cryptocurrency to hide funds, Bloomberg reported yesterday. Don Fort, chief of the IRS Criminal Investigation Division the team will work alongside international criminal agencies to look into unlicensed cryptocurrency…

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February 09, 2018 | By Tom Hart

Friendz upcoming ICO: What you need to know

What is Friendz? Friendz is a digital marketing startup with an upcoming ICO, scheduled for March 1, 2018. The firm hopes to raise approximately $40 million. Its already managed to secure around $1 million via traditional channels which bodes well for the ICO. €300,000 EUR of this came from Italian investor Triboo S.p.A. Startups that…

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February 08, 2018 | By Tom Hart

First-ever ‘Richest People in Cryptocurrency’ list published by Forbes

Forbes has published its first-ever ‘Richest People in Cryptocurrency’ list in an effort to legitimize a world initially associated with a criminal underworld facilitated by sites like the now-defunct Silk Road. “…a snapshot of a critical moment” Forbes editor Randall Lane said the publication, famous for its annual ‘World’s Billionaires List’, intends to: “[provide] a…

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May 25, 2017 | By BVC

How to buy Bytecoin in the UK

Bytecoin BCN, launched in 2012 was the first implementation of the CryptoNote protocol. Bytecoin is not a fork Bitcoin and uses the unique algorithm CryptoNight. The Bytecoin team believe in these three principles: self-regulation, openness and Egalitarianism. This quick blog post will help you to learn how to buy Bytecoin BCN in the UK via me, through bank…

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