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January 26, 2017 | By BVC

How to invest in Virtual Currencies?

Invest in Virtual Currencies | January 17 Can anyone invest in virtual currencies, the simple answer is yes. If you can use a smart phone or a computer then you can invest in virtual currencies. You don’t need any codding knowledge or be a whizz kid. Investing into virtual currencies are quite similar to stocks.…

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January 25, 2017 | By BVC

Where to store your Factom coins?

So you’re looking to invest into some Factom coins but not sure where store them. There are handful ways of storing your Factom coins safely and I’ll be going through each one below. Exchanges: Using exchanges to store your Factom coins is quick and easy to do. It’s not as safe as the desktop client…

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January 06, 2017 | By BVC

How to buy Monero Coin in the UK?

Buying Monero coin in the UK can be tricky and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Which is why I’ve created this guide to help you through this. Before we begin make sure you have a Monero wallet created so you can hold and receive your Monero coin, you can grab one here…

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January 04, 2017 | By BVC

Top ten all trading in the green

Today all of the top 10 virtual currencies are trading in the green. From Bitcoin growing over 10% to Dash growing 24% in just 24 hours. A real exciting time to be investing in virtual currencies at the moment. While this is a great start for 2017 for all these in my opinion I believe…

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January 02, 2017 | By BVC

Monero Coin Up 9,000%

2016 has seen the start of something great for virtual currencies. But I would like to focus my attention on the price on Monero XMR. At the start of 2016 the coin was trading at $0.45 yes that’s right, just $0.45. Now it’s pushing $15 which is a massive gain over the year. And while…

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November 22, 2016 | By BVC

How to sell your virtual currencies coins?

So you’ve invested your hard earned cash into some virtual currencies. Now the price of them has now doubled or even tripped but how can you cash in on your profits. There are two ways to sell your coins. Ones a lot easier than the other. We’ll start with the easier way. As a trader…

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November 02, 2016 | By BVC

6% Off All Sales, Today Only!

Dear investor, As an early bird discount here’s: 5% off when buying through UK Bank Transfer 6% off through Paypal. This offer is only valid until midnight 3-11-16! To get the discount just message me the coin you would like and I’ll send over the total cost minus your discount. email:  [email protected]

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October 26, 2016 | By BVC

Let’s talk virtual currency

Thanks for checking out this post, here’s what you can expect under the news section. The latest news on all things virtual currency Every Sunday a wrap up of the price trends for these currencies: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Ripple MaidSafe We’ll be answering your questions. Giving price trends and peaks on top 200 alt coins.…

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