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Forbes’ ‘Fintech 50’ features 11 crypto companies

February 14, 2018 | By Tom Hart | 0

Forbes’s yesterday published its Fintech 50 list of the top fifty financial technology companies from all over the world. This year’s ‘Fintech 50’ featured eleven companies that operate in the cryptocurrency or blockchain space.

This is the third time Forbes’ has published the list and it’s likely that blockchain and cryptocurrency associated companies will feature more prominently each year as this has been the case so far.

Several of the crypto companies that made the Fintech 50 boast founders who also featured in Forbes’ ‘Richest people in cryptocurrency’ list. This was the first of its kind from Forbes and it showcased nineteen of the biggest names in cryptocurrency, complete with photos and bios.

The founders of Ripple, the Bitfury Group, and Coinbase, respectively, all made Forbes’ crypto rich list. The ‘Richest People in Cryptocurrency’ list can be found here.

Making Ripples

Ripple is headed up by Chris Larsen. For a brief period of time at the start of the year, Larsen made it into the top five richest people in the word, according to Forbes. With a net worth of $59 billion (on paper), Larsen briefly took Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s spot as the fifth richest person in the world.

This was thanks to a bullish run from Ripple’s native currency, the XRP token. Sadly, as is often the case with cryptocurrencies, the coin experienced a pretty sharp correction shortly thereafter and Larsen has long since disappeared from Forbes ‘The World’s Billionaires’ list completely.

The future is blockchain

People and companies from the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds are consistently generating headlines. As such, it’s likely we’ll see more and more of them breaking into lists and spaces normally reserved for more traditional businesses.

Warren Buffet, who’s number two on Forbes’ rich list, behind Bill Gates, said recently that he thinks this crypto-craze will ‘end badly’.

“Warren Buffett is good at renting furniture and whatever other businesses that he does, but we are in a different business”, said Nick Spanos in response.


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