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Dating With Benefits ICO: What You Need to Know

February 08, 2018 | By Tom Hart | 0

Dating With Benefits is a new service which uses cutting edge blockchain technology to help wealthy bachelors and bachelorettes find love. The startup calls itself ‘the future of sugar dating’ and relies on a blockchain-based ecosystem to connect consenting adults with one another in a safe and secure environment.

‘BENEFIT’ tokens serve as the native currency for the innovative dating platform and, the more of these tokens a user purchases, the higher up he or she will appear in the search results. In other words, money talks. After all, Dating With benefits is a sugar dating app.

DWB’s ICO is currently in progress and, at time of writing, has about fifteen days left. The website describes the sale as ‘private’, but by clicking on ‘INVEST NOW’ and registering by providing your name and email address, you can donate to the DWB cause.

How does it work?

“Dating with Benefits is the first-ever sugar dating platform powered by blockchain technology. It’s a platform where people can be direct about their dating wants and needs, and instantly define the relationship they want. Our profiles allow members to easily state intentions and expectations, and agree to them through blockchain-enabled smart contracts. Finally, you can get the relationship you’ve always wanted.”

DWB solves a lot of the problems normally associated with online dating, specifically those that occur on ‘sugar dating’ sites. For example, fake profiles and a lack of reliable verification methods are common issues with online dating. Blockchain technology helps eradicate these sorts of annoyances. How so?

Well, first, users upload a picture of their face, and then DWB’s platform takes a video scan. It scans, matches, and verifies using facial recognition. The user’s data is then encrypted and saved with public and private keys. After additional security and social media checks, the system writes the hashed, signed data of real-id verification to the blockchain. Clever, huh?

Other cool features…

Other cool features include a reputation system which allows daters to leave pre-set feedback comments for other users, kind of like how you leave ratings and reviews on Uber, Airbnb, and Trip Advisor. The system only allows positive feedback to keep things upbeat so if a user has a negative experience they can simply opt-out of commenting.

Additionally, users have the option to both sign a sexual consent smart contract to avoid any unwanted advances or misunderstandings. The system also facilitates date deposits paid for in BENEFIT tokens, to help ensure people keep to their word and show up when they say they are going to. If real world plans get in the way, users must forgo the deposit to the affected party.

DWB has no hidden fees – all the charges are upfront. And, last but certainly not least, because DWB runs on blockchain technology, all users’ data is incredibly secure so there’s almost no chance of personal data being leaked. This has been a problem for other dating sites, such as Ashley Madison, in the past.

Read the full whitepaper here


Dating With Benefits Team 1

Dating With Benefits Team 2

Dating With Benefits Advisors


  • Dating With Benefits is the world’s first sugar dating platform that resides on the blockchain. Users can purchase ‘BENEFIT’ tokens to pay for dates, presents, and to rank higher in search results.
  • DWB is the first dating platform to address the highly-publicized #metoo issues by facilitating blockchain-stored, legally binding sexual consent smart contracts.

  • DWB uses blockchain technology to solve the problems of user identification and verification.

  • BENEFIT is the native token and it is used as assurance the other party keeps their agreement of showing up on a date, or whatever gifts or exchanges that are agreed upon. The token amount sits in escrow until both sides of the agreement have been fulfilled, like a smart contract but for dating.

  • The project has some of the online dating industry’s key players behind it. They hail, variously, from successful companies such as:


  • What is DWB all about?
    • Dating With Benefits is a new sugar dating application which will solve the biggest problems from all current sugar dating sites. Bringing safety, security and efficiency to sugar dating.
  • How is DWB different?
    • No more fake profiles, bots and scammers. Blockchain video verification ensures that a fake person or bots cannot access to platform. Positive reputation system brings transparency between users. Giving BENEFIT tokens for your sugar baby is easy and safe. So is standing out from the crowd with your token balance. We are the first dating platform ever to offer sexual consent live contracts stored in blockchain to our users. These are legally binding agreements to clear up misunderstanding and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Why would women apply to it?
    • First, sugar babies will get free tokens by joining. Secondly, they can find their favorite sugar daddy amongst the most successful high-status men who are able to pamper their baby with exclusive dating experiences and gifts.
  • What is the business model?
    • Dating With Benefits takes a small monthly subscription from its Sugar daddies and mommas in BENEFIT. Dating With Benefits will also take a small fee per transaction. Sugar babies are free to join.
  • Why use tokens and not cash?
    • Blockchain integration provides a much safer and efficient transaction process for all parties. BENEFIT transfers are near instant and the time locked escrow systems makes it much more suitable than any fiat currency or wire transfers with several days of delays between banks.
  • Who are the developers and the team?
    • The team includes online dating experts with over a decade of experience, a world renowned dating coach, successful online ICO marketers and of course blockchain experts and developers.
  • Where can I discuss this project?
    • Dating With Benefits Telegram and Bitcointalk groups.
  • When does the ICO start and how can I participate?
    • Dating With Benefits token ICO starts in April, you can check details from the main page. To participate, there will be a “Buy Tokens” button when the ICO is running.
  • What do you plan to use the money raised for?
    • The ICO is to build, test, launch and market the Dating With Benefits blockchain application and bring it to the sugar dating industry.
  • Why should you invest in Dating With Benefits’ token? Or why should you invest in ‘BENEFIT’?
    • By investing in the Dating With Benefits ICO you get a huge number of tokens to improve your dating life with exceptionally good sugar dating experiences with the most attractive sugar babies. Demand for the token will increase its value over time as the application has more users within.


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