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Dating With Benefits to launch ICO

April 07, 2018 | By Tom Hart | 0

The private sale phase of Dating With Benefits’ ICO is currently live with about fourteen days left, at time of writing. Then comes the pre-sale which will run from April 24 to May 15. After that, the main phase of the ICO will commence from May 15 until June 15.

The innovative platform uses cutting edge blockchain technology to revolutionise the sugar dating industry. Sugar daddies attract sugar babies by purchasing BENEFIT tokens. The more tokens a sugar daddy (or mommy!) has, the higher up in the app’s search results he (or she!) will appear.

DWB looks set to light the online sugar dating industry on fire! It’s the world’s first blockchain-based sugar dating platform.

ICO details

Dating With Benefits ICO details

$2 billion a year in the US

Valued at about $2 billion a year in the US alone, according to Nasdaq, the online dating industry is constantly growing as more and more people turn to their various screens to find love.

Moreover, cyberspace is the perfect place for sugar daddies to find babies as sugar dating is generally based less on feelings, and more on looks and money – to begin with, at least. And the fact that DWB resides on the blockchain puts it a cut above the competition.

Within the ecosystem, babies can find their daddy in a safe, fun environment that’s easy to navigate through and which feature it’s very own cryptocurrency: BENEFIT tokens!

Also, the DWB project is backed by some of the biggest players from the dating and adult entertainment industries (including LiveJasmin and more!).

One of the key players is online dating expert, author of the best-selling The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating, and founder of, Derek Cajun. So, it’s safe to say the project is in safe hands. Cajun is one of the most well-known dating coaches in the world and his debut on the reality TV show ‘Keys To The VIP’ brought him world wide fame as a dating expert and helped popularize an entire industry.

Here’s the rest of the team – find our more here

Dating With Benefits Team 1

Dating With Benefits Team 2

Sugar dating with no nasty surprises

DWB solves many of the problems usually associated with the online dating (and sugar dating, specifically!) space. Some common problems are:

  • Fake profiles, scammers, and catfishing
  • No reliable reputation system
  • Sexual abuse, or confusion about sexual consent (#metoo)
  • No assurance before the date
  • The lack of a transparent and fair payment model
  • Outdated methods for privacy protection and data security (Ashley Madison hack)

So, how is DWB different? Well, let’s first examine some common issues that arise when using online and sugar dating websites and applications. DWB solves each of these issues with its safe, secure and easy-to-use service. For more information on how it does this, please refer to the Friends With Benefits whitepaper.


  • Dating With Benefits is the world’s first ever sugar dating platform on blockchain. Users buy BENEFIT tokens, the native cryptocurrency, to pay for dates, presents and rank higher in search results.
  • Dating With Benefits is the first dating platform to address the #metoo issues by offering blockchain-stored, legally binding sexual consent smart contracts.
  • Dating With Benefits uses blockchain to solve the problems of user identification and verification.
  • BENEFIT tokens are also used as assurance the other party keeps their agreement of showing up on a date while also funding the gifts that are agreed upon.
  • The project has some key players behind it from successful companies:

What they say

“Blockchain technology opened up doors to make transactions and agreements more transparent than ever before.

“User safety is our highest priority and we hold the key to cleaning up an industry filled with flaws that have proven to be disappointing and even dangerous for it’s millions of users.

“We are bringing safety, security and efficiency to sugar dating.”

Derek Cajun says: “Because our platform will revolutionize the world of sugar dating we expect the wealthiest and most active sugar daddies of established sugar dating sites to only be active on Dating With Benefits within 7 years.”


  • What is Dating With Benefits all about?
    • Dating With Benefits is a new sugar dating application which will solve the biggest problems from all current sugar dating sites. Bringing safety, security and efficiency to sugar dating.
  • How is Dating With Benefits Different?
    • No more fake profiles, bots and scammers. Blockchain video verification ensures that a fake person or bots cannot access to platform. Positive reputation system brings transparency between users. Giving BENEFIT tokens for your sugar baby is easy and safe. So is standing out from the crowd with your token balance. We are the first dating platform ever to offer sexual consent live contracts stored in blockchain to our users. These are legally binding agreements to clear up misunderstanding and uncomfortable feelings.
  • Why would women apply to it?
    • First, sugar babies will get free tokens by joining. Secondly, they can find their favourite sugar daddy amongst the most successful high-status men who are able to pamper their baby with exclusive dating experiences and gifts.
  • What is the business model?
    • Dating With Benefits takes a small monthly subscription from its Sugar daddies and mommas in BENEFIT. Dating With Benefits will also take a small fee per transaction. Sugar babies are free to join.
  • Why use tokens and not cash?
    • Blockchain integration provides a much safer and efficient transaction process for all parties. BENEFIT transfers are near instant and the time locked escrow systems makes it much more suitable than any fiat currency or wire transfers with several days of delays between banks.
  • Who are the developers and the team?
    • The team includes online dating experts with over a decade of experience, a world renowned dating coach, successful online ICO marketers and of course blockchain experts and developers.
  • Where can I discuss this project?
    • Dating With Benefits’ Telegram and Bitcointalk groups.
  • When does this ICO start and how can I participate?
    • Dating With Benefits token ICO starts in April, you can check details from the main page. To participate, there will be a “Buy Tokens” button when the ICO is running.
  • What do you plan to use the money raised for?
    • The ICO is to build, test, launch and market the Dating With Benefits blockchain application and bring it to the sugar dating industry.
  • Why should you invest in Dating With Benefits’ token? Or why should you invest in BENEFIT?
    • By investing in the Dating With Benefits ICO you get a huge number of tokens to improve your dating life with exceptionally good sugar dating experiences with the most attractive sugar babies. Demand for the token will increase its value over time as the application has more users within.


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