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DasCoin are launching on public exchanges

May 22, 2018 | By BVC | 0

The compelling, co-operative DasEcosystem released their DasCoin for purchase on public exchanges back on April 27th. It’s definitely one to get your hands on, they present themselves as the currency of trust and are soon to be accepted by over 60 million merchants worldwide as a payment method.

About DasCoin

Distributed ledger, DasCoin creates and distributes cryptographic assets, as well as enabling secure storage and exchange. DasCoin is situated at the heart of the DasCoin blockchain and is a hybrid currency created with the aim of combining all the great qualities of decentralized cryptocurrencies, with the good aspects of traditional centralized currencies. DasCoin has done this by creating the DasCoin blockchain, this acts as the nucleus of their digital asset system, known as the DasEcosystem. They also have a nice tool that shows you in real time each block that is created, it’s called DasCoin Explorer.

“The system has been designed to increase global prosperity through improvements in the quality and efficiency of the exchange of value between individuals, and businesses, financial institutions, cooperatives, and merchants”.

  • Michael Mathias (DasCoin Whitepaper)

DasCoin describe their purpose as laying down global bedrock of trust that will unlock prosperity for everyone. They want to eliminate the problems with traditional currencies and adapt it to suit the digital age.

With other 60 million merchants worldwide lined up to accept DasCoin payments from users of the hardware, DasCoin could definitely be a step towards cryptocurrencies being more widely used and accepted.

By authenticating its’ users, DasCoin can take away a lot of the risks related to how unregulated cryptocurrencies currently are. This, of course, means having a ‘central authority’ which could put off some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but at the same time, it would make the use of cryptocurrencies fairer and safer for everyone, as well as reducing hackers, money laundering and more.

Dascoin Image 2

DasCoin have released codebase on GitHub

On April 16th 2018 DasCoin showed their transparent mindset by publishing the source code for DasCoin blockchain on GitHub. Publishing this code has meant that every piece of information they hold regarding their blockchain is available to view.

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The difference between DasCoin and other cryptocurrencies

Why buy DasCoin?

  • Users are authenticated by banking-standard KYC procedures.
  • Greater utility – accepted at over 60 million merchants worldwide.
  • Confirms transactions in just 6 seconds.
  • DasCoin uses Consortium blockchain which is a lot more efficient than some alternatives.
  • KYC combined with a propriety smart-chip enabled hardware wallet provides enhanced security, making DasCoin the most secure digital currency available.
  • DasCoin takes measures to assure greater liquidity.
  • 100,000 transactions can be processed in a second, making it very scalable.

Equality in DasCoin mining

DasCoin is giving everyone an equal starting point in mining, they have no developers doing pre-mining and selling at their price, you simply just use Bitboin or Euros to purchase the license you will need to buy directly from DasCoin’s parent company, NetLeaders. DasCoin refers to their mining as ‘DasCoin Minting’, and if you’d like to start you can sign up for a decentralised digital wallet and then purchase a license.

More information

For more information about DasCoin you can head over to their website, take a look at their whitepaper , or check out their growing hashtag on twitter.


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