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Steem is a hugely exciting cryptocurrency! With social media taking over the world, Steem have come up with a way to pay you to post on social media. Those that are addicted to Facebook can now earn tokens whilst on it.

The cryptocurrency community have not let this great coin slip by either, with enormous growth right at the beginning of 2018, it looks like Steem and its new platform are here to stay. To buy, fill out the form now!

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Date Created: 2016



What is Steem Coin?

Steem coin runs similar to other coins but what’s really unique to Steem, is that it’s a social media platform that rewards its users.

The application Steem uses a social media hub named where its users can write compelling content which can be rewarded by it’s readers.

The application can be used on other platforms too, so people can get earn Steem dollars on any social media platform or blog, there are some in the pipeline right now.

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