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Ethereum classic is very much like Ethereums little brother and has become one of the most popular altcoins for investors to trade. With the same functionality as Ethereum, it has all the same ingredients to be a huge success.

There is also going to be a hard cap on this cryptocurrency, this means that there only be a certain amount produced. Going back to simple economics, this will mean that the supply is limited and demand will likely go up. Once demand goes up, price tends to follow, for this reason alone it is a cryptocurrency you should consider to have in your portfolio.

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Date Created: 2016



What is Ethereum Classic Coin?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was built as an alternative to Ethereum after a decision by the ETH community to hardfork following a major hack. After the hardfork the ETC carried on following the same original blockchain where ETH followed a different one after the fork.

Many people are divided whether the hardfork was a good thing or not which has created this alternative coin for people to use. But it has happened now and Ethereum Classic is a viable asset to trade, with the volatility it is having it is no wonder people are flocking to this cryptocurrency.

Please make sure your wallet address has been split from your ETH addresses otherwise you may not receive your coins.

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