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One of NEMs biggest selling points is its transaction volume. It can process 3,000 transactions a second and uses 1/100 of the power needed to produce the same amount of bitcoin.

Despite its huge, it is still relatively cheap when you compare it to other cryptocurrencies. This is an opportunity to get in at a good price before this market begins to run away from us.  To buy, simply fill out the form below to get started!


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Date Created: March 2015



What is Nem coin?

NEM coin is first to be coded completely in Javascript which the creators claim it will allow it to be more secure and flexible for it’s users. With the amount of developers out there that can use Javascript, this really increases the pool of developers that can be involved with NEM. Cryptocurrencies are secured by a network of miners and developers, so increasing the scope of developers can only make this cryptocurrency more secure.

The coins code is very user friendly for developers to use to create specific apps and developing on their blockchain.

At Buy Virtual Currency, we offer Nem coin to UK based customers at extremely competitive rates.

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