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MaidSafeCoin, the worlds first autonomous data network, which has put security at the forefront of its mind. It uses the SAFE network to grant access to apps that are highly secure.

This will soon be rolled out to many services, including; social networks, emails and other messaging platforms. MaidSafeCoin has grown with all cryptocurrencies but still has a relatively low cost per coin, which is an enticing prospect for the savvy crypto investors. To get started fill out the form below.

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Date Created: July 2014



What is MaidSafeCoin?

MaidSafe is a cloud computing service. Unlike other companies like Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive that hold onto your files and share them with governments and can be hacked at anytime. Maidsafe is decentralized so not one of these things can happen.

When you sign up you can choose how much of your hard drive storage you’ll give up to MaidSafe, you’ll then be given a certain amount of coins depending on how much you gave up. You can access your files anywhere you like with your unique id and password. No email address it’s all unknown, safe and secure.

Maidsafecoins can be used to access and use network applications, with part of the payment going directly to the application developer.

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