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Date Created: July 2014



MaidSafeCoin (MAID) Explained?

How to Open a Maidsafe Wallet

Once you buy Maidsafe, you are going to need somewhere to keep it. To hold your maidsafecoins (MAID) you need to open a Maidsafecoin wallet. This wallet will be your address on the blockchain, from which you can send and receive Maidsafecoin.

If you are having trouble opening a Maidsafe wallet, Buy Virtual Currency has a built-in guide that will give you all the information you need to open your own Maidsafe wallet.

Maidsafe (MAID) Explained

Before you buy Maidsafe, it is worth investing some time into figuring out what Maidsafe are trying to achieve and taking your own stance on if it can be done with Maidsafecoin.

The 14 strong team behind MaideSafe are working on disruptive ledger technology that could decentralize how data and file systems are stored worldwide. It is a very ambitious project. The technology might one day be an alternative to http, the foundation of data transfer on the internet, or smpt the protocol used to send emails. Buy Maidsafe as a long term hold. It is a truly disruptive cryptocurrency.

Madesafe have been building their safe network since 2006. According to the team, The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone network) is a new, secure and decentralised data management service that is built by sharing the unused computer resources of the individual network participants.

“Existing Internet infrastructure is increasingly unable to cope with the demands placed on it by over 2.4 billion connected people. Central intermediaries (servers), store and provide access to data. These data centres represent significant expenditure for providers and businesses, who all have to pay to host user data and maintain the infrastructure.” Maidsafe White paper

Maidsafe wants to build a replacement for all internet based services. Maidsafe’s network will distribute information across all the nodes in the network. It does this using a cryptographic proof – called proof of resource – to hash and verify the information.

Maidsafe doesn’t link blocks into a chain, and by definition, this mean it isn’t a blockchain. Instead, each user’s account information is held by the nodes closest to them with their transaction manager network. To properly understand how this works take a degree in computer science but this transaction manager can generate a receipt object for the duration of the transaction period between users.

How to Buy Maidsafe with Buy Virtual Currency

Buying Maidsafe through BVC is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  • Decide how much Maidsafecoin you want to purchase
  • Fill out the form above
  • Pay for your Maidsafecoin
  • Receive Maidsafecoin into your Maidsafe wallet

For an in depth step-by-step into the exact processes, try our guide to buying cryptocurrency page.

Buy Maidsafe with Credit / Debit Card & Bank Transfer

Here at Buy Virtual Currency we want your Maidsafecoin to arrive as quickly as possible. The fastest payment method we accept is credit card or debit card. Once we receive payment, we will send your Maidsafecoin directly to your Maidsafe wallet.

We also offer the option to buy using bank transfer, which is very secure. For more information on the precise processes to each payment method, go to our step-by-step guide to buying cryptocurrency.

What determines Maidsafe's price?

Maidsafe are using cryptocurrency to pull themselves up by their bootstraps; As the network gets more popular maidsafecoin will increase in value. Once this happens more people will use the network because of the monetary incentive, and that will feed this cryptocurrency’s growth and adoption. Driving up Maidsafe price. 

The founders of maidsafe coin basically admitted in the whitepaper that they made maidsafecoin and tied it to the SAFE network to speed up adoption of the technology and give people a reason to participate in the network. The Maidsafe price is established by the rules they have built into the system, market sentiment, and its relation with other digital assets on the safe network.

Maidsafecoin’s price is determined by the market and it values will be recognised by all peers across the network and outside the network. If the economic system works as intended, Maidsafecoin will become a virtual currency and medium of exchange for traders and users of safecoin will be used on the SAFE network to complete all transactions.

In addition to Maidsafecoin, and Safecoin there is P.O.R, which  will solely be used for exchanging space allowance among users. If this works out buying Maidsafecoin now won’t just mean that your cryptocurrency increases in value, it means you will have access to more resources on their network as the Maidsafecoin’s price increases. 

Similar to most cryptocurrencies a lot of the value of Maidsafecoin is speculation. Maidsafe’s price is a reflection of where the team is with development, but the billions of dollars tied up in the market cap, aren’t reflective of the Maidsafe price we can expect in a few years. 

Maidsafe have released an Alpha version of SAFE, but it is going to be a long time before a project this ambitious is widely adopted.

Maidsafecoins are awarded to the farmers for contributing their latent computing capabilities to the network. The cost of P.O.R is determined by the market. Since there is no predictable market cap to the P.O.R – people can always add more resources-  Maidsafecoin is completely independent of P.O.R, but since Safecoin is a finite resource and P.O.R isn’t the value of P.O.R will decrease as Maidsafecoin increases. This means that buying Maidsafecoins will buy more P.O.R as time goes on. This aligns with Maidsafe’s egalitarian, improve the internet philosophy.

What problems might Maidsafecoin face?

Substancium is probably the biggest threat to Maidsafe. It is a newer cryptocurrency that made waves with a well funded ICO and has quickly established itself as the crypto that wants to decentralise the internet. Superior marketing and its conception during an ICO boom allowed it to catch up to Maidsafe and, it definitely has more hype.

If MaidSafe wants to be the playstation to Substancium’s Xbox they are going to need to develop better technology. They are closer to a finished product than Substancium. Competing internets sounds like a strange idea, but we have two solid teams working on a product, it’s worth your while sizing up the competition before you buy maidsafecoin.  

A problem with the Proof of Resource consensus or issues with the scalability could render the technology useless at the scales needed for it to be a better alternatives than existing protocols. We haven’t been using it long, but people have gotten very good at building the internet. Http2 fixed HOL blocking and IPV6 dealt with the IPv4 address exhaustion. Maybe in 2006, when maidsafecoin was founded the internet seemed a little more like it needed saving. Maidsafecoin’s price might be all that you care about as a trader, but if it manages to do a fraction of what it says it is going to Maidsafecoin’s price will explode. They are trying to disrupt a massive industry. Currently, Maidsafe’s price is more a reflection of the speculative value and hype train all cryptocurrencies are riding. 

To play devil’s advocate, existing protocols might be good enough that a blockchainish solution is just a waste of effort. Sure infrastructure is expensive to build, but lots of people are employed doing it, and it is what companies know.

The internet is very established. When we moved from IPv4 to IPV6 it took a coordinated effort between massive tech giants. Companies like Google which have a vested interest in PPC advertising and their monopoly over web traffic. They will be reluctant to participate, and people are comfortable with how they use the internet.

The internet has over 3 billion users. It transcends barriers, peoples and ages. For some of us the internet has always been there, we can’t remember a time before it. We have grown up with the same buttons and symbols. Others had to learn how it works, and we all did that with varying degrees of success. If Maidsafe can’t recreate the experience and people have to relearn how to use the internet, this will surely prevent uptake. If it isn’t broke why are we fixing it? Maidsafe’s price depends on more than just them having working technology. 

How does Maidsafe profit?

Maidsafe likes to throw around a lot of ‘for the good of humanity and betterment of the internet talk.’ They have set up a non-profit foundation, as a charity, to holds all the company’s patents. A potential Maidsafe investor should understand what the team stands to gain and how pure Maidsafe’s motives are before they buy Maidsafe.

“Maidsafe will charge companies that want use their network. Maidsafe has speculated this figure will be about 1%, although it would have to be negotiated on an ad hoc basis, in practice.” Coindesk

Maidsafe calls their SAFE network “the first open-source business model that works”. They are referencing their reward system which pays out developers in safecoin. This incentives passionate developers. If they continue to develop and improve the network, in theory their coins will increase in value. In 2014 the company announced that they were working with over 500 developers.

Developers and members of the Maidsafe team are the largest contributors to the core libraries. In a sense they are paying themselves to build their own product.It is hard to tell if there is any bias towards developments made by team members or Maidsafe’s inner circle, but the payouts are very enticing.

How open source is Maidsafe?

Before you buy Maidsafe and invest in the frontier of computer science, you should take the time to study up on the mechanism by which Maidsafe moves and is developed. Maidsafe’s price will be determined by the developer’s success and the team’s ability to promote Maidsafe as an alternative to a well established industry that has formed around data storage.

The open source structure of Maidsafe allows any open source developer to contribute to the core libraries if given permission by the developer who oversees that specific core library. The introduction is made through There is an entire developer section and on the general forum, all kinds of questions about Maidsafe are answered here making it another worthwhile resource for help with maidsafe wallet issue or speculating about Maidsafe prices and pumps. 

The developers are rewarded for making changes to the core libraries and most updates are somewhat mediated by the community through the forums. If you are holding maidsafe coin in a maidsafe wallet, get involved with these forums. The decisions made on here seriously influence Maidsafecoin prices. The speculation of development on the forums also influences Maidsafecoin prices, making it an invaluable resource for the day trader looking to catch the next pump and the long term holder, who sees the value in what Maidsafe are trying to do. 

How to buy Maidsafecoin with Bitcoin?

The easiest way to buy maidsafecoin with bitcoin? Is to first sent it to an altcoin exchange like Bitfinex, Bittrex or Poloniex, and trade the Bitcoin for Maidsafecoin there. Buy Virtual Currency has a guide that will show you how to buy Maidsafecoin and other altcoins.

If you want to buy Maidsafecoin through us, you will need to first sell your Bitcoin for fiat currency and then buy Maidsafesafe coin by filling out an order form. If you are having trouble, or still wondering how to buy maidsafecoin, contact one of our account managers, and they can give some suggestions.

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