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Originally created from a fork with Crypti, Lisk has left the original blockchain for dead in its progress. Creating a blockchain that allows sidechains will certainly bring more developers to the coin and in turn make in more secure.

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Date Created: May 2016



What is Lisk?

Lisk aims to be the first modular cryptocurrency. The idea is that every Blockchain App is on its own sidechain, separate from the main blockchain. This increases scalability and reduces security issues, two problems many cryptocurrencies are facing, bitcoin included.

Lisk like Ethereum Classic was started from a fork from Crypti. Lisk drew large attention during its initial coin offering (ICO), and for a brief period become the most popular traded alternative coin.

While the volumes traded were highest during the ICO, Lisk still has a buzzing community and the founder Max Kordek is doing his bit around the world creating excitement around the coin.

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