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The novelty coin that broke the $1 billion market cap. Clearly a lot more than just a novelty! With extremely clever marketing, those behind the Dogecoin have managed to gain a huge amount of support for this cryptocurrency.

Considering the price of one ‘Doge’ (one Dogecoin) is so low, lots of cryptocurrency investors are piling in because of the huge upside potential. To order now, fill out the form below and an account manager will be in touch, you can have Dogecoins within the hour!

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Date Created: December 2013



What is Dogecoin?

DogeCoin was first introduced as “joke” currency, which has the same characteristics as Bitcoin. Doge rapidly become a community favourite with the use of their mascot, the Shiba Inu dog.

The founders and community, using clever and fun marketing techniques, made the ‘Doge’ into a fan favourite in no time, sponsoring the Jamaican bobsleigh team being a personal highlight for me.

The coin is a fun alternative to invest in, with the basics of a cryptocurrency, secure,fast and cheap payments.

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