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Date Created: December 2013



What is Dogecoin?

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Dogecoin (DOGE) explained

Jackson Palmer, a product manager at Adobe cracked a joke on Twitter. He was investing in Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency which at that time didn’t exist. It’s the end of 2013, there’s an ICO boom making headlines an all he intended was a tweet poking fun at all the nonsense coins that were popping up that didn’t actually do anything.

One thing lead to another and Bill Markusa, software developer from IBM, ended up creating DOGE. A joke cryptocurrency branded around the Shiba Inu meme.

What he couldn’t have anticipate was a militant community of Reddit users who formed around Doge and the power of the meme which pumped this coin to market cap that has flirted with 2 billion. 

As far as jokes go, they took this one pretty far.

Similar to Bitcoin, all transactions are still stored in a ledger, miners still build the chain with computational work and Doge is still using a proof of work algorithm similar to SHA-256. The meme inspired Shiba Inu cryptocurrency is capable of the same disruption as Bitcoin or more similar Litecoin. 

How to Buy Dogecoin with Buy Virtual Currency

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For an in depth step-by-step into the exact processes, try our guide to buying cryptocurrency page.

Buy Dogecoin with Credit / Debit Card & Bank Transfer

Here at Buy Virtual Currency we want your ripple to arrive as quickly as possible. The fastest payment method we accept is credit card or debit card. Once we receive payment, we will send your Dogecoin immediately.

We also offer the option to buy using bank transfer, which is very secure. For more information on the precise processes to each payment method, go to our step-by-step guide to buying cryptocurrency.

Should I invest in Dogecoin longterm?

If significant advances are made in Dogecoin technology, or tipping with Dogecoin becomes more popular, this coin could survive outside of a bubble. Invest in Dogecoin, we are in a bubble and people will continue to hold and pump this coin.

The technology is better than Bitcoin. Dogecoin can handle 70 tps. That 6 million transactions per day, about ten times more than Bitcoin. It is more than adequate for its current circulation, but there are altcoins like Ripple, and eventually Ethereum, that are either trying to or have succeeded in scaling to 1000s of transactions a second.

There is a fair bit of Reddit chatter talking about moving Dogecoin to proof of stake.  Major developments like this are possible with this coin. Dogecoin faces the same problems as other popular proof of work blockchains. 

It’s probably best to invest in Dogecoin during bull runs and when money is going into the market. Sell your profits for other slow moving but reliable top ten cryptos for the bears.  Have a well tested escape plan when you buy Dogecoin.

Buy Virtual Currency can help you buy Dogecoin or sell Dogecoin fast.

What is Doge and why should I buy it?

Well in the short term we can expect some meteoric rises. The ridiculousness of this coin and popularity of the meme helped prop it up to over a 2 billion dollar market cap. There are other cryptocurrencies worth half of Dogecoin that are promising to disrupt industries and change the world, but if they don’t have the hype behind them then people won’t buy them.

Dogecoin doesn’t just have hype, it have converts. There is an entire community dedicated to shilling the dogecoin. Tipping bots were also created for Reddit and other social media platforms like Twitter that make it very easy to send someone a tip in Dogecoin. If someone makes a worthwhile contribution to the community, or posts a dank Shiba Inu meme, they are rewarded in Doge.

This spreads the Doge. Since then the tipping bots have grown to accommodate Twitter and other social media platform.

Trying to cash in on Dogecoin’s almost religious following, companies and merchants have started to accept Dogecoin as a payment method.

All known websites that accept Dogecoin has a payment method are listed on There are 53 merchants there. 

Dogecoin doesn’t have to offer any additional features or improve on the user’s cryptocurrency experience. They aren’t hindered by innovation. The community will go out of their way to spend Dogecoin, because they are super cryptonerds, believers or they really like Shiba Inu. Companies are always going to be interested in that kind of commitment.

For someone planning to invest in Dogecoin, this community and the social media tipping use case means that people aren’t just buying Dogecoin to hold it, they are buying doge to use it. Say what you want about Dogecoin, but it is one of the few cryptos that is actually circulated. Buy dogecoin because their is a community rallied behind it.

Dogecoin Investment into Fundraising the Jamaican Bobsled team and Alex Green

The Dogecoin community thought they had carved out their own special thing. Rather than the money driven profiteers that the rest of crypto attracted, Dogecoin’s community really believed they were on the forefront changing things. Perfect conditions for a scam. 

The Dogecoin community raised $50,000 for the Jamaican Bobsled Team, which had qualified for but could not afford to go to, the Sochi Winter Olympics. $36,000 worth of Dogecoin was donated within two days. This basically doubled the coin’s value. They built 2 wells in Kenya bringing water to an area dealing with a water crisis as part of a month long effort of fundraising held in support of World Water Day. There was real momentum. Anonymous people were donating thousands of dollars over twitter bots.

People where starting to ask, what is doge? When a scam artist fleeced this community for millions. Alex Green will make it into the history books as the villain of 2014 crypto. He created a fraudulent exchange called Moolah. He claimed to have enough dogecoin to act as a reserve, and he was going to buy dogecoin and sell it on people’s behalf, or something. Adimint in the belief that they were bettering the world people invested doge coin into his proposal. 

Alex Green established himself as an invested dogecoin enthusiast, and he became a prominent figure on Reddit forums by tipping people with dogecoin and shilling the coin. When Alex Green asked his fellow dogecoin investors to purchase a slice of Moolah, he promised that they would be Improving Dogecoin. Increasing the value of their dogecoin investment and furthering the doge cause. 

The skeptics made the believers more adamant. People would buy dogecoin and invest more dogecoin in Alex Green’s idea. 

Then Alex Green exit scammed angering a lot of people. He had single handedly killed the magic of Doge. The next day Dogecoin was branded a scam coin by a lot of potential Dogecoin investors. They never bothered to ask the fractured community ‘what is doge?’ It was once again the joke of cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin recovered and traders continued to buy Doge. Rumors were confirmed when his real name, Ryan Kennedy, was revealed. he was arrested in the UK and found guilty under the Fraud Act 2006 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 for stealing doge tokens. Ryan Kennedy was later convicted of rape and is spending a long-time in prison. 

How does the supply influence Dogecoin's price?

Dogecoin maintains its low coin price because it has such a high circulating supply. There are 112,826,007,997 circulating Dogecoins. It would take 100s of billions of dollars in the market cap for a single dogecoin to be worth what a bitcoin is. This was done on purpose. Part of the reason why Dogecoin is used for tipping on Reddit and accepted in all these store is that it is easier to tip someone 10 dogecoins for a funny meme than it is to send 0.000733 bitcoin. The large supply of coins make the coin easier for micro-transactions and showing a little love.

How to buy doges with Bitcoin or Ethereum exchange?

if you want to buy Doges on an ethereum exchange or a bitcoin exchange you should use Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance or another alt-exchange. Buy Virtual Currency acts as a Dogecoin exchange. You can buy Dogecoin from us directly without having to first buy bitcoin.

Sending cryptocurrency between bitcoin and ethereum exchanges if a complicated way to buy doges. Never mind the ether exchange rate buying Doges on an ethereum exchange will incur all kinds of fees. If you want to know how to buy Dogecoin in the UK, fill out the form or talk to one of our dedicated account manager.

We have shown countless traders in the UK how to buy Dogecoin, on our specialised altcoin and Dogcoin exchange.

How to buy doges with PayPal?

Buying doges with PayPal isn’t going to be easy. It is difficult to buy all cryptocurrency with PayPal. Since there are so many charge backs PayPal have tried to distance themselves from cryptocurrency.

That isn’t to say it is impossible. The easiest way to buy Doges with PayPal is to use another Bitcoin or ether exchange, and get a more popular cryptocurrency. Let’s say you got ether from an ethereum exchange, you could sell that through Buy Virtual Currency and buy doge. Sort of buying Doges with PayPal, or you could send it to an alts exchange and trade it there.