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DigixDAO is a hugely exciting project that is backed with the safety and stability of gold, the oldest and most continuous store of value we have seen. DigixDAO will basically look to tokanise gold, meaning that the transfer will be considerably easier.

Should this work, there is a chance that the gold standard could re-surface! Considering the growth we have already seen in this coin, there is clearly a lot of people interested in it, we think it is one you should put a little more research into, this could be the next bitcoin!

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Date Created: 2016



 What is DigixDAO?

DigixDAO is coin built on Ethereum the network . It runs the same as as ETH and some other coins on the network.

Its aim is to build and manage a gold standard financial platform on the the ethereum platform.

This will essentially mean that when you invest in the coin you are literally buying a piece of gold. The exact amount is one gram of Gold for every coin you hold. To convert your DigixDAO coins you’ll need to go to  DigixGlobal Pte Ltd with a Digix employee to enable you to convert to gold.

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