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Dash has a strong focus on privacy and anonymity, whilst also providing fast confirmation times. Like many other cryptocurrencies, Dash saw the flaws in Bitcoin and aimed to fix them and provide a more fungible coin. Using very similar software to bitcoin it has managed to improve the functionality.

Due to this Dash has seen huge growth and actually broke the 4 digit number beofre Ethereum did – $1,000. To buy Dash, fill out the form below and you will be contacted by an account manager.

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Date Created: January 2014



What is Dash Coin?

Dash coin likes to sell their coin as the first digital cash. No-one can see what you’re buying or how much you have in your wallet, thanks to their Darksend feature.

The coin allows you to send money from and to anywhere in world instantly with very low fees. Just like real cash.

The Dash coin is extremely popular in the small cryptocurrency communities, forums such as BitcoinTalk are a great place to get a good idea of the technicalities of each coin. The Dash coins community very quickly rew to over 6000 pages, 122k replies and 6.6m reads.

At Buy Virtual Currency, we offer Dash coin to UK based customers at extremely competitive rates.