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Arbitao – Arbitrage crypto trading platform ready to use before ICO launch!

July 05, 2018 | By BVC | 0

A system that is providing a fully automated solution to the problems that have long been associated with traditional trading methods for arbitrage, known to be unlikely to make any profit possible.

With all the promises of great product in the world of ICO’s Arbitao stands out from the crowd. Rather than just providing individuals with the promise of a product that is not yet working and no guarantee that it ever will be; Arbitao already have a finished product to offer now!

Their goal was to be unique and deliver a tried and tested as well as a fully working product before the ICO launch, and they’ve already achieved that.

Arbitaio isn’t completely new, they have actually been online since 2017 and tested by a selective group of crypto traders and enthusiasts with successful results. The platform is now perfected enough for anybody in the crypto trading community to use.

Ways users can earn a profit with Arbitao

  • Arbitrages trading on numerous crypto exchanges – Arbitao offer the opportunity for users to profit daily by using Arbitao’s exclusive trading solutions. The system leverages users investments to execute trades and generate profits.
  • Staking – This is an essential component for Arbitao’s continual development and provides big benefits for the Arbitao network; improving blockchain security while also increasing decentralization. Staking can earn users up to 5% profit, you can find out more about this on Arbitao’s Whitepaper.
  • ATAO coin value increase – Arbitao also stands out from other ICO’s in another way. The platform doesn’t have a native token, but its own coin instead. The Arbitao team expect the platform’s ATAO coin to increase coin value as soon as it hits exchanges. This is quite likely to be highly profitable considering its already been successfully tried and tested.
  • Invite friends – Due to a key factor of Arbitao being a thriving and continually expanding community; when users invite their friends they can earn 18% of their friends’ total investments as a reward for helping the community grow.

Arbitao Trading Pools

Pros of the app

  • Users can invest with as little as $100
  • The technology Arbitao have used enables community members to make both automated and profitable trades, using the four different trading pools offered.
  • Member rewards – for things such as completing tasks, joining the platforms affiliate programme or staking coins.

Arbitao Platform

Token sale

The pre-sale began July 1st, 2018 and their ICO is due to begin July 22nd, 2018. ATAO has the value of 1 ATAO equal to 0.10 USD. With a soft-cap of 20 million USD and a hard-cap of 48 million USD. Arbitao has 800,000,000 tokens and is making 85% available to the public with 25% put aside for bounties.

Want to know more?

Head over to their website, or if you would prefer to, click on their Telegram group or channel below.

Telegram channel

Telegram group


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